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Today we talk about eight common skincare mistakes that you’re, probably making that you really probably don’t even realize what you’re doing, but first for all things, beauty and skincare make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell that way.

You know every time I upload a new video every Saturday, okay, so Celia Shatzman at Forbes magazine interviewed Renee Rouleau, who is a celebrity aesthetician, and these are her top skincare mistakes that she’s noticed her celebrities or her clients making so number one leaving your skin bare.

For more than 60 seconds, before putting on your toner and your moisturizers, I actually did a post on this. On my Instagram and I even said 30 seconds, it should be pretty quick once you’ve cleansed your skin right away. You should be putting on your toner and it should be an alcohol-free toner as well, and then your moisturizer and your regular routine can follow after that. But you have to be really quick about it. Okay and the reasoning is once you’ve cleansed your skin, the air.

Basically, sucks up all the moisture right away, so it dehydrates your skin. So, that’s why you want to start right away with your toner and then your moisturizers to absorb all that good moisture, and so the air doesn’t dehydrate you, okay, so number two is not using products that are formulated specifically for your skin type. I actually did a product on my morning and my night time, skincare routine, and I definitely point out that this is what works for my skin and it may not necessarily work for yours.

Mine is basically combination skin, but I do my research and I I recommend that you do your research as well. I do feel like it’s really trial and error. You try a product, it doesn’t work, it does it’s kind of like that, and I’ve been doing this, for I don’t know 30 plus years. So that’s what I why I know what works for my skin and I just like to recommend things and again, not necessarily gon na work for you, but you can try it if you definitely have combination skin like I do number three, not caring for your blemishes. In the right way, I actually just did a video about this and I state to not pop your pimples.

That’S really bad for your skin can cause discoloration and permanent scarring. So you just have to be patient, use a salicylic acid or something similar to that. That again works for your skin, but again it’s really about eating right and making sure you don’t break out in the first place, but again it’s trial and error and what works for you, okay, so number four is using exfoliating products too often. So if it’s a gentle exfoliator, then totally that’s fine to use every day. But if you’re using the ones with the really heavy grains, then you should probably be doing that two to three times a week and if you’re, using like an acid serum like a glycolic acid, probably you’re gon na want to do that. Three nights on three nights off or every other day, just kind of again do what’s right for your skin and I would test it out, but I did a video a couple: videos on glycolic, acid and AHA’s and BHA’s. So if you want to check those out, I will link them above and below. Okay.

The number five reason that Renee gives is not wearing sunblock or SPF enough and not reapplying. So basically it’s about 78 %. I think she said of the Rays that are incidental, which means that you’re not really realizing that you’re getting the Sun, and that could be if you’re sitting in your car or, if you’re, sitting at your office next to a window or home next to a window. You’Re gon na be getting this sunlight just as much and you’re not really realizing it. Also, if, like you’re walking around on a cloudy day, you’re still gon na get that sunlight so always apply sunblock or SPF, either in your makeup or a regular SPF anyway. Under your moisturizers and skincare routine, but, and then also reapply, it’s really important to do that, but I feel like a lot of people, don’t really realize how damaging the sunlight can be. So just be aware of that.

Okay, so the number six reason she gives is using alcohol-based, toners or completely disregarding toners in your skincare routine. So basically one use a toner and to make sure it’s alcohol free, the alcohol is very drying. So after your cleansing, your skin, you want to apply an alcohol-free toner, so that way, it kind of gives your skin like a drink of moisture right before you’re, putting on your rest of your skincare products. So it’s really important. The one I’m actually using right now is the fresh rose, water toner, and I love it. It’S alcohol-free and it really does. I feel it right away like if you noticed, do a little experiment and cleanse your skin and don’t put any toner walk around. I know I feel the difference like it feels very dry and then the next day or whatever it cleanse your skin then put the toner on right away.

It feels so much different. I promised you if you try that you will notice the difference. So a look at the toner that you’re using and make sure they’re alcohol-free if you’re not using a toner, get one in your skincare routine, that’s alcohol-free, okay! So the number seven reason she gives is washing your face with a bar soap. Don’T do it! It’S very! Very drying to your skin, apparently the bar soaps have a very high pH balance, which is not good for your skin. Your basically, if you’re, using like a AHA, a or BHA that gets rid of the dead skin cells, it’s basically reversing what you just did so. Try to get rid of no matter what brand it is. Don’T use a bar soap to cleanse your skin. Your your skin on your face is very delicate, so you want to make sure you’re using a cleanser.

That’S also delicate for your skin, or it’s specifically made for your your face. Okay, so the last thing on her list number eight is over moisturizing. So basically, what she’s saying is that want a really creamy consistency of the moisturizer that you’re using and you don’t want to like say, have like five different moisturizers and you keep applying them right on top of each other, because your skin can only absorb so much And so basically, if you keep just adding and adding and adding you’re, just you’re just wasting product first of all and secondly, you’re gon na clog, your pores, so you just want to make sure you have a really good creamy consistency for your moisturizer, the ones that I love right now that I’m using and again I switch it up all the time, but the the one I’m using now for daytime is the etude house moisturizer and then for night time, I’m using. I switch it up between the fresh.

It’S like a deep mask overnight, mask moisturizer, while you’re sleeping and then the other one is the ROC multi correction. I think it’s a five in one correction moisturizer. So all of those I really love and I just kind of switch it up a little bit again. I have some for daytime and then for nighttime as well. I think I use a thicker consistency at night and I do for the day. Okay, so that is my video on the eight common mistakes.

Most people are making and maybe you should be kind of correcting. I hope you found it helpful if you did please give it a thumbs up and comment down below. I would love to hear from you and share it with your friends. I will see you all next time you