Deliicious Kesari Making|| How To cook Kesari at Home|| Corona Virus|| Quaratine Special||

Today we’re cooking Rava Kesari. First we lit up the stove later we add ghee After the ghee heats up. Add Cashew and dry raisins. Fry it. After it is fried we take it in a plate. If we spread it like this it’ll be easier to add kesari. Then with the same ghee we take 1 cup rava add the rava, and keep flame in medium. Then for 10 minutes fry it till all ghee in it is absorbed by the rava until then fry it well. And take it. It’s all fried up, now take the fried rava in a plate In the same rondeau, now we add 3 cups of water for 1 cup of Rava. Now we add water. In this we add food colouring powder. Instead of adding in the powder form it is better to add by mixing water the colour would spread evenly.

After this add 4 pcs of elachi. It is better if it is smashed or broken,we add it. After adding keep the flame in high, after the water starts boiling we keep the flame in medium . After that, we add rava slowly , after this flame is always in medium. Now we stir it well, there will be lumps but if we keep on stirring it’ll breakdown and mix Keep on stirring for 3-4 minutes. The water will evaporaate and it starts become like kesari. After it becomes like this we need to add sugar to it. For 1 cup rava we need 1 cup of sugar.

We add sugar then keep mixing it. Until the end we are going to keep the flame in medium. The sugar should mix well with rava, until it dissolves and the moisture of ravi will disappear. On the fried cashew and raisins we add ghee and add the cooked kesari and let it to dry for 10 minutes We change that into a new plate it’ll be easy to cut. Now we can cut and serve it. The smell is awesome it is well cooked.