Spicy Dosa Salad Recipe

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Dosa salad recipe ingredients and method of making written below:


dosa salad

Ingredients Of Spicy Dosa Salad Recipe

1. 2 cup dosa batter.
2. red-chilli-garlicchutney as required .
3. 1 1/2 cup potato bhaji,lightly mashed .
4. 2 large onions,chopped.
5. 2 large tomatoes, chooped.
6. 1 teaspoon red chilli powder.
7. 1 1/2 teaspoon chaat masala.
8. oil for shallow-frying.
9. 2 tablespoon chooped fresh coriander.

1. 1/2 cup dried white peas soaked overnight.
2.  1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder.
3.  A pinch of asafoetida.
4.  salt to taste.
5.  2 teaspoons chaat masala.
6.  2 teaspoon date and tarmarid sauce.

Methode Of Making Spicy Dosa Salad Recipe

1. For the ragda, pressure cook the dried white peas in three cup of water with the turmeric powder/asafoetida and salt till the pressure is released four to five time(four to five whistles) or till stop.Mash the peas slightly .Add the chaat masala and date and tamarind chutney and a little water if too thick simmer for ten minute. keep the ragda hot.

2. Heat and season a non-stick dosa tawa. Place a small ladleful of dosa batter on the tawa and spread evenly to make an eight-inch diameter dosa. Drizzle half a teaspoon of oil around the dosa and cook on low heat for half a minute.

3. Spread a litter red chilli-garlic chutney all over the dosa.sprinkle some onions, tomatoes, chilli powder and chaat masala. place a small portion of potato bhaji in the center. Press gently with a back of a ladle till lightly mashed and spead all over the dosa.drizzle some more oil and cook over low heat so that the under side turns golden and crisp.

4. Roll the dosa up tightaly like a sprialg roll,tranafer onto a plate and cut into equal lengths similarly arrang on a serving platter.

5. Spoon ragda gengerously over the dosa, garnish with fresh corinder and serve hot.

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