7 benefits to adopt an automated response system

In recent years, there has been an increasing need to quickly resolve customer inquiries by voice at corporate support windows and public telephone offices. Against this background, many companies have introduced an automated voice response system (IVR) to respond automatically to customer inquiries 24 hours a day.

What is IVR?

what is ivr

In addition to the conventional method of operating an automatic voice response system using the keypad, DTMF (a signal with a beeping sound that is emitted each time a button is pressed when calling with a push-line telephone) is used. There is a method using voice recognition by AI. With an automated voice response system, companies can communicate more smoothly with customers.

Until now, IVR has been a tool that has been used in the field of customer support. With an IVR system that implements more convenient features, customers do not need to talk to the operator over the phone. Solve customer problems and issues immediately without waiting for them. The use of IVR is not limited to inquiries. For example, it is used in various situations such as questionnaires, promotions, payments, public opinion polls, and brand awareness measurement.

Companies and customers who use IVR systems

The point of contact between companies and customers changes every day. For example, customers want to solve problems as much as possible, and companies want to improve customer satisfaction with as little cost as possible.
By simply incorporating an IVR system into an existing telephone system, companies can meet the needs of both customers and their company.

Here are 7 benefits that companies can offer by setting up a customer-first IVR system.

1. Customer satisfaction can be realized

Voice routing of inquiries to the best operator at the right time improves customer support and improves customer satisfaction.
If you use an IVR system with menu guidance, you can connect to the most appropriate operator according to your inquiry.
Recently, IVR systems are used for retail industry orders, invoice notifications, appointment reminder notifications, restaurant reservations, and more.

2. Save time

Customers want speed in phone support. Gartner reports in a report that the self-solving rate by customers will increase by 85% by 2020. There may be customer needs that want to receive answers and product information as soon as possible.

By customizing the IVR system, you can quickly handle incoming calls, deliver calls to the right people, and book callbacks to call back if you can’t.

Setting up an easy-to-use touchpad for callers (customers) allows them to quickly access the information they are looking for and inform operators of problems. In addition, by installing an IVR system that allows customers to receive an unlimited number of phone calls, they can reliably answer customer calls.

Why Use SmartOS?

3. Reduce costs

A recent survey found that $ 5 for live chat and $ 6 to $ 12 for phone-based customer service per call, compared to just $ 1 per call for IVR. The result shows that customer satisfaction can be realized at a low cost.

Companies will not only be able to reduce labor costs, but will also be able to focus on their jobs using the resources they have floated and expect to increase sales.

4. Develop prospective customers into promising customers

In recent years, IVR has been used not only for customer support, but also for the foundation of sales channels.

For example, IVR is used as a substitute or support tool for telemarketing. You can automate the process that IVR reaches potential customers, improving customer convenience and turning prospects into promising customers.

After you answer a few simple questions, you can quickly connect prospective prospective customers to the sales representative and close the deal.

5. Investigate customer perspective

In addition to being able to convert prospective customers into promising customers, IVR systems are used in marketing.

For example, marketers use an IVR system to investigate customer details. With the IVR system, you can examine customer interests, interests and preferences, and demographics, which can be used for polls, questionnaires, and marketing campaigns.
Marketers will use the valuable customer data gained from the IVR system for analysis. It then determines the best customer to approach and provides the information the customer wants.

6. Strengthen brand awareness and customer relationships

IVR is at the forefront of customer contact, but the key to successful implementation is customization. The first point of contact between the customer and the company is often an interactive voice response system.

Customizable phone menus and voice prompts can help you develop your company’s customer engagement strategy. At the same time, using a combination of business logic and customer journey, you will be able to add the added value customers want to your products and services.

Let’s optimize IVR by setting narration and voice guidance, changing the forwarding destination by tree forwarding, and A / B testing of voice messages. That way, you will be able to handle calls smoothly without waiting for customers.

7. Can boost corporate growth

Effective use of optimized IVR can help drive corporate growth and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

IVR in traditional systems is not very flexible. With cloud-based APIs, you can implement intelligent routing, multilingual functions, and omnichannel support in addition to IVR functions. Even if the system is not renewed, if the API is incorporated into the existing system, it is possible to simultaneously change the forwarding destination, control incoming calls, and optimize customer engagement.

Solution IVR that maximizes customer experience
The IVR system not only improves customer service on the telephone but also reduces relative expenses and increases sales.
Cloud-based communication APIs like Twilio can control IVR programmatically. Twilio’s API can provide a superior customer experience with DTMF, Speech Recognition, and visual IVR.

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