What You Know About Medical Call Center

Tasks and functions of the Medical Call Center

Informing citizens about their rights and opportunities to receive quality medical care, including guaranteed free medical care;

Timely prevention, identification and (or) suppression of violations of legislation on the protection of citizens’ health, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens in the health care system;

Identification and analysis of systemic problems in the healthcare sector in the territory;

Organization of a quick response system to citizens’ appeals;

Reception and consideration of citizens’ appeals;

Providing reference and advisory assistance to citizens;

Taking measures on the facts of dissatisfaction with the availability and quality of medical care, bringing complaints to the competent authorities;

Generalization and analysis of citizens’ appeals in order to identify systemic problems;
Development of proposals and activities aimed at securing accessibility and improving the quality of medical care, on the basis of analytical materials on citizens’ appeals.

Why use call centers in medicine

Why use call centers in medicine

Any incoming call to a medical institution should be received as quickly as possible, since not only the reputation of the institution itself, but possibly the person’s life, depends on it. Usually call center employees are well aware that informational assistance to a potential patient should be as prompt as medical. Turning to the center, the customer will receive their own call-center for medicine, which can perform such functions as:

· Creation of a detailed database of all patients, which will take into account contact details, a personal card with a medical history and other necessary data.

· Ability to split incoming calls according to subject matter using the IVR voice menu.

· Call accounting, call recording and full statistics on the necessary criteria.

· Making appointments with doctors.

· Automatic patient information.

A full-fledged call center for medicine allows you to integrate a customer database with operator software. When a call arrives, the system recognizes the patient by phone number and issues his card to the operator. To service the base,  call center selects qualified operators with a medical education. Also, medical staff may be involved in servicing calls.

The advantages of call centers for medicine is a constantly free and extended telephone line. The IVR system allows you to automatically inform customers about changing operating modes of an institution, remind you to make an appointment with the doctor, or even remind you of the time you need to take your medications. Efficiency and quality of call processing will significantly increase confidence in a medical institution and increase the number of customers

Advantages of the Open Line Call Center

Medical call center for organizations in the field of medicine offers a high level of service and transparency of work. It provides mutual integration of communication channels into a single network. In addition to voice processing, Some medic call center provides translate incoming traffic to all digital channels, social networks and instant messengers.

Advantages of contacting a call center for processing calls to medical institutions

Advantages of treatment

Turning to us, you get the opportunity:

Collect and analyze customer opinions;
Notify them of special offers and promotions using auto-ringing;
Automatically remind patients about appointments with the doctor and medication regimen;
Pay for the services of our call center for medical facilities in stages.

Outsourcing of a call center for medical organizations

A large number of calls requires several operators, equipment, facilities and other costs. We offer a fixed monthly fee, which includes connecting operators to the work, preparing them, setting up a telephone line, forwarding options, connecting a voice menu, and much more.

Medical Call Center services can offer:

Hot line.

It will allow you to provide the highest level of telephone service for customers: each call arriving at your clinic will be accepted by our operator, and the waiting time in 95% of cases will be no more than 60 seconds. This service will allow you to arrange an appointment by phone (which will increase the number of customers), collecting feedback.

Direct marketing and information.

They will allow you not to lose your customers, stay in close contact with them and keep them informed of all promotions and special offers held by the medical institution.

Telephone survey .

Will give you valuable information on how you can improve the quality of services, get loyal customers and a competitive advantage!

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