Why This Cut Is Perfect For Natural Curly Hair | Beauty Explorers

Nubia Suarez: When you cut curly hair, it’s not uncommon of a changing of emotions. When she sees herself for the first time, it’s a freedom. Ambrosia Jones: I’m ready. Nubia: Open your eyes. Ambrosia: I’ve wanted this haircut for, like, a year now, and I came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, to New Jersey just so I could get this RëzoCut.

So, the first time I heard about the RëzoCut was on Instagram. And I was like, OK, well, what’s a RëzoCut? So, I looked at the hashtag, and I saw all these girls with different curl patterns, different hair. And I was just like, I really want this cut. It was beautiful, voluptuous.

The hair was just really big. And I was like, I want big hair, with this big face. [laughs] So I figured I would try to get a RëzoCut. Nubia: So, RëzoCut is a dry cut that is divided in triangles, cut in circles, to blend all the different textures for a great body, balance, and shape. So, Ambrosia, are you familiar or do you know what type of texture do you have?

Ambrosia: No.

Nubia: You are a texture, for what I see, a good texture 3B or 3C. Depending on porosity or depending in how sometimes the hair could be dried, your hair could contract to a 4A. And what that means: It could really look very tight. In the summer, it’s going to be the tightest.

In the winter, we lose some of that body. Right now, your tightest texture will be on the top. The looser textures right now, they are at the bottom. So, if we’re going to create the crown, we’re going to look to make sure that we’re going to marry the top with the bottom, seamless. Literally the technique that I teach all over to my stylists is cutting in roses, in flowers.

It’s when you cutting at a flower or when you pull a plumb in a rose, you wanna make sure that you’re staying a nice, even flat. The outside of that rose completely balance the inside of the rose.

When they blossom, when they open up, they open up completely even, from the inside out. Ambrosia: [gasps] Oh, my gosh. Nubia: How do you love it?

Ambrosia: I love it. This is my lion’s mane. Nubia: That’s right. Ambrosia: I really feel like a Leo right now. Nubia: We need to do something else that we agreed today.

Ambrosia: Yeah. Nubia: Color. Ambrosia: Yes. Nubia: So, girl, we’re going to get you ready for the color. And then, after that, transformation.

The secret behind how we create all these beautiful colors, it’s, A, we take the time to do them.

We go step by step. We mix a lot of the oils that we have here to apply colors. We add protein. We add moisture to it.

Ambrosia: All right, I’m ready. Nubia: Open your eyes. Ambrosia: Oh, my God! Shut up. Oh, my God, that’s me!

Nubia: How beautiful. Ambrosia: I’ve never seen my curls look like this before, honestly. Nubia: You are so beautiful, Ambrosia. Ambrosia: I waited a whole year for this. Thank you.

Nubia: I hope my curly girls will never have to anymore tell no one that they are beautiful. I want a world that is going to accept and embrace all of us as a humankind. Ambrosia: I feel like this cut has enhanced my natural curl pattern. If you look at the back of my hair, it actually looked like there was actually three levels to it, and she took everything and smoothed it out, and it all became one. And I love that.

I was natural before natural actually became “in.” And I didn’t have anywhere to go, and everywhere I did go, I had to get my hair straightened.

So, now, during the wintertime, I don’t have to get my hair straightened. I can wear it curly because I have a curly cut now. ♪ Love you ♪ Nubia: All right, all right!


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