Men’s Combover Haircut Part 7 – Finishing Touches

Men’s Combover Haircut Part 7 – Finishing Touches

I’m gonna use some water based pomade on Garrett. Just work it in the hands really good. Again, on this side of the hair when where we’re parting it, you can even use your pomade or gel, whatever you use to kind of go up to direct forward here. Get it in the front nice and good. You’ve got some residue on your hands. Leave the residue. Don’t wash it off. I’m gonna show you why. We’re going to work it in not just on the top layer but you want to get in almost to the scalp because you don’t want this product to stay and just not be on the top here. Work it in, keep the residue. Residue is good on your hands and you’ll see why. So what I do, typically, because pomade’s stiff sometimes, I just mist the hair and use it again, just a regular styling comb. And where we part, it’s so much easier with product.

You’re able to see all the lanes it creates here. There’s a point where your temple meets like a temple peak point where it meets your forehead. So where your forehead meets your temple, so where your hair is growing in this direction and it meets the corner, that’s where I like to part the hair. For some reason, it looks the best. It looks more natural. Again, combing the hair for you, you can go lower, you can do a part way up here. This is my preference. Again, just smashing the base of the comb on the back, same here. So many guys that I cut their hair they’re like “Man, I can’t really be able to do this at home, I always have a crooked part.” It takes practice for sure.

It’s only the first try. We’re going to able to see that the part comes out a lot straighter and you wanna go all the way back to the cowlick here to give it just that old school gentleman’s hair cut look. Comb this down in the front here and then you kind of concentrate on pumping it up a little bit. Whatever the preference is. Some guys don’t like it as high. Some guys like it with a lot of volume. The reason why I said to keep that residue on your hand is I take the residue, spray a little bit of water in my hand then I use it to really define and flatten this part area to just make it pop. Go ahead guys, we’re going in and doing hard parts.

Those are cool too. You can do that. It helps your client go home and reproduce the same look with a lot less work. I like natural parts myself but it’s still real crispy, straight. That’s all that matters. Sometimes when you use a comb, it creates a lot of lines and it looks too perfect. So what I’ll do, when I get the shape and the style, get it the way I want it, I use a brush to break it up so it looks a little more natural.

Depending on the way you want to look, if you’re going out, you’re dressed up, bow tie, the whole nine yards, you may want to be very clean, dapper looking. So you’re not doing all that, you just wanna brush through it and if you really want to get more causal, I like to do this in the front. Just kind of use my hand. So it gives it more of a natural look. You comb it, you brush it, whatever you want to do. And that’s it..

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