How to understand “Apps that consume a lot of data” | iPhone & Android

There are almost no exceptions to apps on smartphones, which consume some data to run. However, data usage varies greatly from app to app.

If you ’re on a plan that limits data traffic, it ’s pretty important to know which apps on your smartphone are consuming the most data .

Even if you use an unlimited plan, once your usage reaches a certain level, most carriers start to limit their data transmission speed.

In other words, if you have one badly-behaved app and it starts to eat up your data (which often happens with buggy apps), you’ll mess up a month without your knowledge.

But thankfully, smartphones originally have data usage tracking. It tells you which apps are consuming a lot of data, so if you can’t use Wi-Fi or stop using them at all, you can stop using them.

CNBC is an article published in mid-July that introduces in detail how to check data usage on iPhone , but you can check it on Android as well.


If you want to check the data usage on Android, go to “Settings”> “Network and Internet”> “Data usage”.

When you select “Use mobile data” from the menu that appears next, the apps used in that month and the amount of data consumed by those apps are displayed. At the top of the page, you can change the cycle for which you want to check the data usage, so you can compare the data usage of this month and the previous month


As soon as I checked my data usage, I realized that I really liked Instagram. The data consumed by Instagram in June of last month was 4.48GB, but in July it was already in the first half but already reached 1.62GB.

I use an unlimited plan with no communication restrictions (thanks to the old unlimited plan “Original iPhone Unlimited Plan”, where the new contract was suspended in 2010!), So don’t worry too much.

However, if you are using a new unlimited plan that will limit communication if the monthly usage reaches 6GB, look at the current data usage and upload photos until you connect to Wi-Fi You may think of waiting


For iPhone, go to “Settings”> “Mobile Communications” and scroll down to find “Mobile Communications Data”.

It shows the apps that are on your iPhone that have the most data usage and the usage. Tap “Last payment request period” to check the data usage status of the previous month.

The data usage figures displayed on your smartphone do not necessarily exactly match the data usage information provided by your carrier.

So it ’s a good idea to check the situation from time to time to see if your app is consuming a lot of data without your knowledge.

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