4 Stocks That Will EXPLODE With Bitcoin Boom – BTC

hey, people how’s it starting it’s Andy from Magooinvesting fortunate Wednesday so we’ve had quite an interesting week so far when it comes to the overall stock exchange we find a pretty big drop on Monday it started off around 2 per cent down and then it various kinds of get bought back towards the end of the day and we had some of the bigger losers from the DOW being Boeing stock( BA Stock) and Coca-Cola stock( KO Stock) when they are both downgraded by psychoanalysts and then yesterday.

It seemed like world markets were just various kinds of waiting for the results of the election that was happening in Georgia and based on what we’ve seen right now it hasn’t been officially called for both sides for both of the elections actually but it seems pretty close at this point and I was expecting the market to sell off a good amount because a lot of the conversation going into the election was that if the Democrats win the presidency but they don’t win the actual senate.

It’s going to make it very difficult to pass some of the legislation that would be negatively impacting some of the major corporations but now that it looks like the democrats are going to have the house the senate and the conference of presidents.

I was very surprised to see that the market’s actually up a reasonable sum at this point right now the s p is up to one point three per cent Dow was up one point nine and the Russell 2000 small cap is up four-item eight per cent so it’s very curious to see that actually happening at this place so we’re going to be watching that going forward but today I want to talk all about cryptocurrency( Crypto) because it has been pretty much the talk of the investing world-wide for the last couple months because it has gone on an incredible run at the time of me recording this uh Bitcoin( BTC) is up 3.7 percentage on the day and it’s up at 35000 and so.

If you’ve been on this channel for a reasonable amount I have been a Bitcoin( BTC)( BTC) man for a long time this is something where I bought in for the first time around six thousand about on the way up to 12 then it precipitated back up and in the last couple months, it has been very interesting to see it get from uh affecting 20 000 and having it have a little bit of a struggle to break that position to now being up at 35 000 and so.

I’ll throw that chart up right now in case you have not been paying attention to how crazy of a run it’s been so for parties that are very interested in stocks which are principally the person or persons that I have following me on this canal in today’s video I wanted to talk about a couple of assets that will do well as Bitcoin( BTC) continues to increase in cost overage I know a mint of people myself included for a while those terribly hesitating to buy into Bitcoin( BTC) because it’s not something I fully understand but it’s something that I’m very excited about and that’s why I articulated it on my innovative furnishes schedule because while.

I don’t fully understand it I trust the technology behind it and I fantasize the best interests of it’s only going to increase over occasion so today I’m going to be talking about a variety of stocks that have exposure to Bitcoin( BTC) instead of perhaps parties aren’t as interested in buying instantly into Bitcoin( BTC) but they want to have just a little bit of revelation so these inventories have an alternating rank of the show from just a little bit to being jolly took part in the Bitcoin( BTC) mining itself before getting started.

I do have to say that I’m not a licensed business advisor and “that’s really not” fiscal admonition whatever it is you listen in this video is just me making my own minds on the stock market and it is required to do your research for making any investment decisions also if you’ve been enjoying these videos actually appreciate it with a like and subscribe button as would assist my direct out a great deal so the first furnish that I wanted to talk about in today’s video going to get PayPal Stock( PYPL Stock) take a simple pypl one of the major changes that we’ve seen as a maybe a reason why we’ve seen this incredible drain for crypto in the past couple months “re going to have to” do with uh Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) and Square Stock( SQ Stock) getting involved with uh Bitcoin( BTC) and cryptocurrency and so.

Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) exactly about two months ago decided that they were going to allow people that are using their programmes to buy and sell Bitcoin( BTC) squandering their Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) pouches and through the end of 2020 they were not collecting any costs to try to get a lot of their consumers to get involved with the actual cryptocurrency business but from the very beginning of 2021, they’re going to be charging 0.5 percentage for every deal and so located off of the incredible sizing that Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) is at this point that’s going to be a huge revenue beginning for them move forward and as a consequence of Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) getting involved in the Bitcoin( BTC) marketplace.

We’ve actually been envisioning a Bitcoin( BTC) famine which is partially to explain the massive increase in price that we’ve been finding some of the articles that I’ve been procure was of the view that uh Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock )’ s been snatching up around 70 per cent of the recently circulated Bitcoin( BTC) which has resulted in the furnish available dropping which has shot up the toll and that fact has clearly contributed significantly to increased levels of Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock )’ s price over the last couple months since they started implementing the cryptocurrency pieces.

Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) is up around 30 overall so this has definitely been a very nice spike for them located off the incredible autobiography of their rapidly increasing transaction volume I think this is going to be a huge revenue source for them going forward so when I put this on a flake of one to ten for how much exposure they uh have with Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) uh to cryptocurrency I am very likely settled this at about maybe like a four Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) it definitely doesn’t need Bitcoin( BTC) to do well to have their furnish expenditure come near.

But it’s definitely been a reason why the stock has been an increase over the past couple of months so this is a stock that I would adore if I was trying to merely barely get involved with Bitcoin( BTC) because it does have the exposure it’s only going to see increase their fee work over the period and it’s a very exciting thing and their business is very solid even without the Bitcoin( BTC) but then when we go to number two which is going to be Square Stock( SQ Stock) ticker symbol$ SQ this is definitely for someone that’s more interested in being more heavily to deal with the Bitcoin( BTC) perspective of it and the above reasons behind that are that Square Stock( SQ Stock) has also get took part in the Bitcoin( BTC) tournament but the difference between them is that Square Stock( SQ Stock) is significantly smaller.

When it is necessary to support payments volume perspective and so in the past I’ve always equated Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) and Square Stock( SQ Stock) s being very similar when it comes to you know their overall goals but when you look at their overall sizing Square Stock( SQ Stock) going to get relying heavily on their Bitcoin( BTC) financing to push themselves forward going into the future and so from the numbers that I could see they bought 50 billion dollars’ usefulnes of Bitcoin( BTC) a duet months ago and that has definitely shot up in appreciate since that detail and then the Bitcoin( BTC) business that they’ve been envisioning in the past quarter have spiked their income after consumers bought 1.6 billion dollars in Bitcoin( BTC) in part three so that is a huge lift in their overall payment loudnes the costs that they collected on that resulted in eighty percent of Square Stock( SQ Stock) s quarter three income come Bitcoin( BTC) and they produced a gross profit of 32 billion dollars which is 15 times larger than they discovered uh from a gross profit of 2.1 million dollars per year prior.

So compared to Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) there’s emphatically a company that’s going to be benefiting more from the Bitcoin( BTC) blowup precisely because as you can see it was 80 of their income in the past quarter Square Stock( SQ Stock) unquestionably has a solid business simulation and it’s been a company that I’ve adored for a long time but significant differences are that they are significantly smaller when you equate it to Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) so they both have these same positives going for them with their show to Bitcoin( BTC) but on a magnitude of one to ten if I kept Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) like a four out of ten when it comes to Bitcoin( BTC) showing.

I would definitely position Square Stock( SQ Stock) a little bit closer to like a five or a six because since it is smaller and a much larger percentage of their receipts coming from uh Bitcoin( BTC) deals if Bitcoin( BTC) really tanks in the next duet weeks they’re probably not going to have as much revenue come that whereas Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) has the high-pitched levels of payment volume to you know keep their revenue increasing over the day so if I’m looking for more Bitcoin( BTC) show although it is not instantly buying in I think Square Stock( SQ Stock) is a better alternative than Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) but if I’m going for the safer option that precisely has a little bit of showing uh to cryptocurrency overall.

I envision Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) is the better alternative I did just wanted to bring up the Facebook Stock( FB Stock) ticker badge FB since they are did have some interesting stories vanishing about cryptocurrency just a couple of years ago so they announced uh just a couple years ago they’re going to be creating their own cryptocurrency called libra which is expected to come out in 2021 but they sure hit a roadblock and as a result of some of the regulatory issues and some of the worries that a lot of beings were having about you know the actual security of Facebook Stock( FB Stock) located off of their track record uh that has not come to fruition at this target and one of the first things that resulted in libra being you are well aware agreed upon at this point was the fact that Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) decided to back out of their agreement and so.

Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) must surely be on board with cryptocurrency for a very long time and I’m very happy to see them lastly get involved I think if Facebook Stock( FB Stock) does actually come out with libra in the future that is not something I’m ever going to be considering touching I’d more likely be to buy into Ethereum( Ether) which is one of the altcoins out there uh then buy into something like libre only because I don’t trust Facebook Stock( FB Stock) so much better next we’re going to talk about Visa Stock( V Stock) ticker represent v for some smaller showing to Bitcoin( BTC) I envision Visa Stock( V Stock) could be a quite interesting channel to do it and while they do not directly allow transactions of Bitcoin( BTC) at this station that might not be that way forever from discovering the stuff that their CEO has said uh that they are actively watching Bitcoin( BTC) and based off of the things that they’ve been construed with the pandemic in 2020 and going into 2021.

The trust on cash is definitely going to be going away in the future and they watch cryptocurrency has been a very interesting way to do that they have created a Visa Stock( V Stock) credit cards that does give Bitcoin( BTC) honors instead of miles or currency so they do have a little bit of showing to it but this is something that I would consider investing in if I want to have some Bitcoin( BTC) exposure in the future Visa Stock( V Stock) is a massive fellowship that is so well established that it’s going to take a lot for them to get involved but located off of their comments from their CEO I see them get to deal with Bitcoin( BTC) within the next marry years so if Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) was a four out of ten and Square Stock( SQ Stock) was a five or six Visa Stock( V Stock) is definitely like a one maybe a 1.

5 or it does have a little bit of revelation located off of their credit cards and the facts of the case that their CEO has been moderately optimistic on Bitcoin( BTC) overall.

But it does not have as high-pitched of risk or reliance on the success of Bitcoin( BTC) as the other two then I’m going to finish up this video talking about riot blockchain uh which is ticker symbol riot and so instead of buying immediately into Bitcoin( BTC) rampaged is a different option when it comes to cryptocurrency so you can definitely buy instantly into Bitcoin( BTC) Ethereum( Ether) dogecoin if even if you really wanted to write blockchain is a mining corporation and they’ve recently surpassed one billion dollars in the business cover so instead of buying directly into the cryptocurrency you’re buying into the companionships that are actively mining the Bitcoin( BTC) which is a very interesting thing and I would most recommend watching some videos on how Bitcoin( BTC) mining actually works because it’s a fascinating process and so they’re currently located out of New York and their Bitcoin( BTC) mining activity currently uses 16.3 megawatts of energy the reason.

I’m bringing this up is now that the democrats perfectly control the house senate and the conference of presidents based on what the democratic party has been running on I fully expect to see a lot of lettuce intensity strategies move forward and one of the things that will benefit has to do with Bitcoin( BTC) mining because they are so reliant on the cost of energy and so we have been watching some multitudes that 76 of Bitcoin( BTC) miners use some sort of renewables and a total of 39 of the overall energy used comes from renewables and so with the next political disposal and if they heavily invest into clean energy and it shortens the premium where they are unable to have higher boundaries on their mining operations this would be a huge benefit to a company like rioting that’s so is contingent upon their energy costs so this is not something that I fully understand at this spot.

I review riot is a very interesting way to invest in a cryptocurrency and it has more of trust on you know the political government and the technology side of it instead of merely the overall cost and the usage of cryptocurrency so this is definitely like a 10 out of 10 when it comes to exposure to Bitcoin( BTC) even if they are you’re not immediately buying in so in this video I have spoken about Paypal Stock( PYPL Stock) which definitely has some show but since it is one of the largest payment corporations out there it’s not as reliant on the success of Bitcoin( BTC) whereas Square Stock( SQ Stock) is smaller in immensity but as I mentioned eighty per cent of their income from the past quarter came from the 1.6 million dollars of Bitcoin( BTC) that was bought by their customers in one-quarter three uh Facebook Stock( FB Stock) I’m going to be staying away from libra.

If it ever “re coming” Visa Stock( V Stock) I would call like a one out of ten because it likely is going to have some Bitcoin( BTC) show in the future and they do have that recognition placard that affords Bitcoin( BTC) wages their CEO has been bullish on cryptocurrency in the past uh but they’re not involved perfectly at this pitch so that’s something to watch move forward and then journey blockchain I’d call it 10 out of 10.

It’s a way to invest in a cryptocurrency that’s slightly different than buying directly into the actual coin so these are a bunch of different options I haven’t talked about crypto a good deal on this channel based on what I’ve seen in the past with my path when I talk about this I expect to have a lot of bots in specific comments but I’m very curious to see if you guys have been riding the Bitcoin( BTC) rippled on the way up uh currently I imagine my median rate is around 8500.

So I have had a very nice profit from 2020 going to get 2021 and I don’t expect to sell anytime soon next time we realise a major throw I would definitely be adding to my position and I have been adding on the way up but Bitcoin( BTC) has been very exciting for the last couple months and it’s going to be very interesting to see if this run continues or if we’re going to see a major pullback like what we verified at the end of 2017 going into 2018 so thanks for watching I appreciate all backing.

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