Problem with File search (pro)

Because by email.mail did not wait for answer, and the previous my appeal to the forum was immediately deleted (as they say in connection with moving to another server), start again the discussion.

Problem 1:
Network File Search (Pro) completely freezes when scrolling (the scrolling) lines of found files in the list.

Solved so:
Run in compatibility mode with WINDOWS 7 with administrator rights. Removed the preview only. Hovering like disappeared.

Problem 2:
Sometimes, the message “not enough memory”, when you try to re-click on the “SEARCH” button without restarting the program (not dependent on the number of previously found files).

Today, not resolved nor as.

Problem 3; the MOST IMPORTANT thing!!!!
Any way you cannot save a report for found files, in any format. The “Save” button just gives no reaction.


Problem 4;
If the search string to specify a ” character (quotation mark) then the search ceases completely to find occurrences of words using a semicolon, but you should remove the quotation marks…and it works.
For example search string: 5506052588;OPTS;OOO “OFTEN” not working
and search for the string: 5506052588;ITS works

PS/ And so, looking for files effectively.