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Hello everyone, My name is Aditi and I am with doctor Pankaj Sareen from Pristyn Care. Nowadays, Piles are becoming a very common problem due to our lifestyle change and we often ignore it. I would like to know that what is Piles and what are the causes of Piles? Piles are a very common problem nowadays.


What is piles?


This is the Anus and this is the way of motion. Anal cushions are present 3cm inside the anus. These are the anal cushions and are present in every Human. these are not visible because they are 3 cm deeper. They are made up of Blood vessels.


These Blood vessels come down like this and form cushions. If you are suffering from Constipation and passing hard stool, straining while motion, spending much time while motioning, There are fewer salads, fibers, and liquids. smoking, alcohol, tobacco, there are lot o factors that imply a lot of pressure on them and they get swollen. When these cushions swell these are called Piles.


These are Grade 1, These are Grade 2, These are Grade 3, These are Grade 4.


As the size of Piles increases the grade increases too What are the problems faced and the symptoms of Piles? The first symptom that the Patient faces is swelling because the swelling is the only thing that causes Piles. secondly, Pain. Pain occurs because of swelling the way of motion narrows and the patient feels difficulty in passing stool. Thirdly, Bleeding.


because anal cushions are made of the nerves and it starts bleeding when the pressure is applied to it.



Can Piles be treated with Home Remedies and Ayurvedic medications? PIles cannot be cured with Ayurvedic medications and Homeopathic methods and it is scientifically proven. Home remedies can help calm it for a period of time but the swelling and bleeding do not fade away. What is the permanent solution for piles and how much effective they are?


The only permanent solution for it is surgery. Surgery can be performed in different ways such as open surgery and what we do is called Laser Surgery. The difference between both is that In open surgery scissors and blades are used and The disadvantages of this surgery are that cuts and scars occur and the main problem in this is Pain, which occurs because of the cuts made during the surgery. In open surgery, the chances of recurrence are more because the wounds and infection can occur after the surgery The technique we use is Laser, the Laser used is Diode.


The laser is comparable to a pen’s tip and the scar after the surgery is the size of a Dot.


The laser enters the hemorrhoids and the blood vessels, Blades the mass and comes out. And bigger cuts made in open surgery are not needed. No cut, no wound, no dressing, and pain is comparatively much less and chances of recurrence are very less. For how long we need to take bed rest after the surgery? There is no need for bed rest after the surgery and we can resume our daily routine and activities from the next day.


Thank you for providing us with the information, I hope you got all the information regarding Piles and you can help anyone suffering from Piles Pristyn Care is now present in many cities, for more information contact us on the given number.

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