What is LMS [Learning Management System]? 2020

What is an LMS?

LMS stands for learning management system. An LMS is a web-based system that helps you automate employee training. What can I do with an LMS? With an LMS you can gather all your learning materials in one place and make them available to all the learners in just one click. You can create a different group of learners according to their function or job position.

Now you can assign them a single course or test or a whole series of materials called a learning path, and easily track each learner’s progress to encourage the leaders and help your team develop faster. Sounds good!

Still the question is Who needs an LMS?

A wide range of different organizations from high schools to large corporations can benefit from using learning management system by reducing expenses for things like: classroom rental, transport and accommodations, instructor salary, and learning material printouts.

What else can an LMS help me with? The right LMS helps you save time, set unified learning standards, and assess and develop employees knowledge regularly. What kind of business needs these benefits? Large, medium, and small!

Any kind of business can benefit from an LMS!

What benefits will my team get? Access to learning materials anywhere, from any device, and an unlimited number of times to refresh knowledge anytime they need to. As well as an opportunity to collaborate with each other during the learning process. And what is all that amount to? Loyalty, motivation, and strong skills! iSpring.

The right LMS to streamline corporate training..

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