Slack Audio Calling Feature (Tutorial)

We are going to be talking about how you can use Slacks free audio conferencing feature and how easy it is to use, we have a little demonstration to show you so without further ado let’s get started. So here I am in our virtual set we have some videos on how to use virtual sets, they’re great presentation spaces, great spaces to host your live streams. And without further ado let’s just right into this topic. So as many of you know Slack is one of the fastest goring business calibration softwares ever in the world.

And they have just released a free audio calling feature and this feature is still in beta as of March 2016, but you can use it, we’ve tested it we couldn’t find anything wrong with it, we couldn’t find any bugs. It’s just a very simple audio conferencing tool that allows you to chat with your team and basically escalate. Let’s say you’re in a channel and you’re talking; you’re chatting about whole different things and it’s just time for a real call, a real phone call. Assuming that your whole team has Voice over IP connectivity. Devices like an audio headset, a USB microphone or speakerphone on their laptop, you can join the audio without even having to pick up a phone and dial a phone number.

It just makes life that much easier. Before we get into the demo I just wanted to mention that we are doing somewhat of a choose your own adventure here, and what that means is we’ve actually got 4 videos on integration, we’ve got one on Slack with Hangouts, one with Slack with Google Analytics, we’ve got one with Slack for Skype, and then Slack with Zoom video conferencing. So go ahead and click one of those if you just want to jump right into one of those videos.

Or stick around for our Slack audio conferencing feature. This week; this Friday we are having a how we use Slack webinar March 11th. there will be a link below if you want to join where we’re going to talk about how we integrate these all together, how to use Slack commands, and without further ado though I want to finish up this video and get you guys the great tutorial on how we use the Slack audio calls. So, when you start a Slack audio call basically there’s a little audio button that we’ll take a look at that allows you to launch a call. You can see it behind me here, my display I’m going to take it full screen and once you do that it asks you to give the conversation a name. This is really taking audio conferencing to the next level. We’re really excited to show this off, so we’ll show it off from the beginning, here we go! As you can see here; let me pause it and take you right to the beginning. So as you can see, you can see the mouse in the top right there’s a little tiny button with a phone on there as you can see that I’m going to click.

And once we click that it opens up a little window which is going to ask us to name our conversation, so keep in mind when you do this and you launch this fall it’s going to invite everyone in the channel that you are in to the conversation. So a little tip there you might want to do the /who command and find out who is in the channel and who is being invited, or you might want to use the /invite command and use the @ symbol to invite people. You can invite people outside of the channel as I just did inside the chat here. So you see it says there invite additional people there, you can use that to invite people who might not already be in the channel, you can do that as well, you don’t need to invite them to the channel which you do need to invite them into the conversation, for example maybe a CEO or somebody who doesn’t need to know all the channel details but you need them for this call, you can invite them.

We’re showing the emotions there which you can use as actions during the call. Very simple audio set up, so microphone and speaker are all you need to do this. So free Voice over IP calling, you can just really quickly test your audio capabilities there, just super simple stuff and then you can basically see in the top right all the people that have joined your call and you can very simply mute yourself, and then of course end the call so that’s it. I have the right hand channels all removed because those are private, a lot of internal communications happen in chat and I had to make those private, but it’s very very simple.

Slack is an amazing new product that if you haven’t used before, take a look, try it out, it’s a great product. And then again we’ve got a whole bunch of integration tools that you can take a look at and then a webinar March 11th on this topic we’re going to be demonstrating how we use Slack, how we learned how to use Slack, and hopefully teach a lot of you guys some tips and tricks of what we’ve learned from using it for so long- not so long, but we’ve spent a lot of time learning about how to use Slack and we think it’s one of the best tools out there, we want to help you guys with that. So subscribe to our YouTube channel if you found this helpful, we’ve got a whole bunch of integration videos and a free eBook on video conferencing, live streaming, and using unified communications tools like Slack.

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