New School Year, New Haircuts ✂️

I’m so excited to cut my hair. I have never seen Abby with this much spunk in her step. So, I figured out the secret to getting my teens out of bed before 10:30 in the morning. You provide breakfast, and they just magically start popping up out of bed. Good morning, you guys! Did you guys sleep good tonight? There we go. Okay, take it bite. Come on, take a bite. Take a bite with some cheese. We can’t go anywhere and do anything fun until you eat.

One big bite, and I won’t make you do too. But it can’t be a bird bite. There you go. That’s a good size. Bite down. Chew it up. Chew it up. No, don’t spit it out. Chew it up. You’re not leaving until you swallow it, and it gets worst tasting and worst tasting the longer it stays in there, so just hurry up and swallow it. Swallow. Come on. Swallow. Swallow it.

Drink some milk. It’ll help it down. Oh, there you go. Now, take a drink of milk. Finish– Finish your milk. Okay. Give me five. I’m proud of you. Now, go brush your teeth. One thing I learned to take Eve back to school shopping was she’s wearing the same size back to school this year that she wore last year, and that got me really concerned, and then I started thinking– And then I got thinking, I don’t think she really eats.

Like I think she eats the bare minimum. Maybe two or three bites at every meal, and so, I had a really good talk with her, and I told you that I’m going to make sure you start eating more food, huh? Because we want you to get into a size 5, instead of staying in a size 4. Because you’ve been in a size 4 for a whole year. >> I know.

>> That’s not good. You have to keep, continue to grow and thrive, and be healthy. Okay? I’m so mean. I got such a mean Mom. She makes me eat. Gah, how rude! How rude! My Mom makes me eat food. Good grief. I wish I had a different Mom. I wish I had a different Mom. There’s one other thing we have to do to get you kids ready for school. Not just eating. The kids need haircuts, in a very very bad way. They kind of started to become animals.

So, what does everybody want to do with their hair this year? >> I want to get a V-cut. >> Yeah, see the length of my hair? I’m waiting for it to get like four inches longer to do that. >> Okay, well I want layers then.

>> You want layers. >> I want my hair to be like cut as long as Shari, and I want to see what it looks like with layers. >> So turn around, let me see how long your hair has gotten. So you’re only like this far from the bottom of your pants. So, you want to cut like four inches and you want layers? So, the pros of cutting layers in your hair is one, when you curl it, it’s like cascading beautiful. It also makes your hair look thicker. The cons is that you can’t braid it without like hairs like poking out everywhere. So just think on it, and then you can always go get layers after too.

Yeah, that’s true. So maybe cut it this length first, and then see how you like it, and then if you like it, you can cut layers. So, you’re going to wait on the layers? Okay. Julie? I want like a V shape in the back. >> A V-shape in the back? Um, what they mean by a V-shape is they want like layers to here, like this.

No, I’m not going to do that to your hair. Your hair has been damaged a lot by swimming. So I think you need to take a good two inches off. If you leave your hair damaged, it’s not going to grow. It’ll keep breaking off and get thin on the ends.

And then you’re going to end up bald. No, you’re not going to end up bald. >> She actually will. Why don’t you just ask the lady doing your hair, what she thinks, okay? Or you put a blindfold on and just say, “Surprise me.” Okay, all my ragamuffins, get in the van. >> Did you hear Abby? She goes, “Look at Shari, she’s so much beautiful but look at me, I’m so much more beautiful.” >> Abby! Since when did you become like that? I’m shocked by your behavior lately.

>> I’m so excited to cut my hair. >> Abby, you are going to love this new haircut. It’s going to feel so good to you. You can tell Julie’s nervous, so we’re here sitting. Are you nervous? I can’t get you to smile at me. There’s a boy who needs a haircut. Oh, excuse me. Sorry, you’re in my seat. Oh, excuse me. Excuse me. >> Mom, get up. >> Have you looked in the mirror yet? >> I’m trying not to until the end.

>> Really? You’re going to be surprised. >> I can see how short it is. But I don’t really like– >> Now that you see it, what do you think? >> It’s really different. >> So, with Russell’s hair, I have never let it grow this long, but I love kind of how it’s laying. >> Okay. >> So maybe, trim it up and like blend it. >> The sides… Blend it. >> That’s my brother that you’re doing. >> I know. >> I love it. >> Shari, let’s look. Very nice. It’s just a nice trim. She didn’t take off any length. She just trimmed it up.

>> Look at my hair. >> Look at Eve’s hair. It looks so nice and soft, and fresh. >> This hair makes me feel alive. >> I have never seen Abby with this much spunk in her step. I literally see a whole new attitude in you. Um, wow! This is amazing. >> Can you see it? Isn’t that cool? >> Yeah. >>

Hey, where did the Sheepdog go? Huh? >> I’m not a sheepdog! >> I know. You’re a little boy now. >> Well, I wasn’t before. >> Oh, I’m sorry that made you mad. I didn’t mean it to make you feel bad. You look handsome is what I’m trying to say. I like your haircut a lot. Should we go get a drink, and maybe a little treat? Yeah? Sorry for calling you a sheepdog. >> It’s okay. >> II didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Okay, so the cookies, they have sugar, chocolate fudge, peanut butter, Snickerdoodle, almond, raisins– >> [inaudible] want the Snickerdoodle. >> Okay, the Snickerdoodle.

What other cookies should we do? >> Can I have the second wife? >> The second wife, okay. What do you want? >> I want the frost pink cookie. >> You want the pink frosted? Okay. What are you going to get Abby? >> I’ll have a chocolate fudge. >> Sugar cookie. >> Sugar cookie. Okay, what are you going to get Shari? >> The chocolate chip cookie. >> Hi, how are you doing? >> Hi, good! All right, if I missed your cookie, shout it out okay.

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