Hara Bhara Kabab & Dabeli Recipe

Hara Bhara Kabab Recipe Delicious Snack Stater

hara bhara kabab ingredients and method of making written below:

hara bhara kabab

Ingredients  Of Hara Bhara Kabab


1. 100-gram fresh spinach leaves,blanched and chopped.
2. 3/4 cup shelled green peas.
3. Boiled and mashed 3-4medium potatoes.
4. Boiled and grated 2 green chillies Chopped.
5. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander.
6. 1 inch ginger,chopped.
7. 1 teaspoon salad masala.
8. salt to taste.
9. 2 tablespoon cornflour.
10. 2 tablespoons olive oil.


Methode Of  Making Hara Bhara Kabab


1. Mix together the spinach, peas and potatoes. Add the green chillies,fresh coriander, ginger, chaat masala and salt. Add the cornflour or binding.

2. Divide the mixture into twenty-four portion.shape each portion into a ball and then press it between your plams to give it a flat Nikki shape.

3. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan.shallow-frythe tikki for two to three minutes on each side.

4. Drain on adsorbent paper and serve hot kabab.


Delicious Dabeli Recipe How To make Dabeli

dabeli recipe

Ingredients Of Dabeli Recipe

1. 4 round buns.
2. 1 1/2 tablespoons dabeli masala powder.
3. 2 tablespoons olive oil/rice bran oil.
4. 2 large potatoes,boiled and mashed.
5. salt to taste.
6. 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
7. 1 cup date and tamarind chutney.
8. 1 tablespoon sugar.
9. 1/2 cup masala moong phial.
10. 1/4cup grated coconut.
11. 1/4 cup fresh pomegranate kernels 10-12 black grapes,chopped.
12. 1/2 cup nylon set.
13. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander.
14. 1/4 cup red chilli-garlic chutney.
15. 2 medium onions,chopped.


Methode Of Making Dabeli


1. Heat one tablespoon oil in a non-stick pan. Add the potatoes,salt and a litter water.mix well the add the dabeli masala,lemon juice,half a cup of date and tamarind chutney and suger. Mix and cook till the moisture is absorbed. Spead the mixture on a plate.

2. Sprinkle the masala peanuts,coconut, pomegranate, black grapes, half the set and fresh coriander over the top.

3. Slit the pavs horizontally without cutting through.spread the chilli-garlic chutney, a layer of the potato stuffing,data and tamarind chutney, onions and sev in between the two halves.

4. place the stuffed pav on a hot nonstick tawa.press slightly and toast on both sides with the remaining oil till done.serve immediately.

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