Explaining Saas, PaaS and IaaS

Hey there it’s Ben from the cloud you again one thing I’ve noticed about the technology industry is that it’s so obsessed with acronyms PHP SQL SMTP Voigt IMAP verified e squid ARP C chord mmm I’m not sure if those ones are actually real but we’re all about acronyms so today I’m going to help shed some light on the most popular cloud computing acronyms and talk about the three asses of cloud computing that’s as a service there’s a software as a service platform as a service in infrastructure as a service these are service categories sometimes called a cloud computing stack a quite a useful way of thinking about what the cloud can do for your business did start with the most common software as a service or SAS.

Do you remember when a cup of soup cost a nickel well I don’t either because we don’t have nickels in New Zealand but I do remember when I last left my laptop in the back of a taxi and it was a disaster sensitive documents customer data all gone it’s a real headache for IT trying to restore everything from a backup that’s if a backup even existed even if you didn’t lose your laptop IT had its hands full with patches or updates installed and all the server and software maintenance cess changes all us instead of IT or even the business?

The owner has to manage email accounting software file storage collaboration customer relationship management data these applications are supplied as a service from a vendor who is responsible for all the hard stuff save a document to assess file storage solution and it’s there when you login always even if you lose your computer even if you’re travelling most importantly SAS like the cloud generally leaves you to focus on your core business not on managing technology and what if your business is software development then you’re going to want to think about the platform as a service or pass is a special kind of software and hardware service that allows developers to code deploy and scale with their applications.

If you’re a developer using a pass you don’t have to think hmm but what if my application gets really popular will I be able to handle a million users pass lets developers sweat about their code and forget about their service for developers and others who like the idea of the clouds flexibility and scalability but want more control over their technology there is another option infrastructure-as-a-service if platform-as-a-service is a cake box mix we just add eggs infrastructure-as-a-service is cocoa eggs butter flour and sugar all the different things that you can mix together in a million different ways to make brownies or chocolate mousse or whatever else you like technology-wise with infrastructure-as-a-service instead of you building your own data centre to manage servers and software to run your application infrastructure.

Vendors take care of much of the routine work like data centre security hardware failures and even patches and updates to operating systems so all the building blocks are there it’s just up to you how you use them so if you want to learn more about the cloud computing stack visit cloud you are totally free comprehensive cloud computing curriculum where you can earn a certificate in cloud computing till next time Cheers

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