Cancer Education – American Cancer Society says stop cancer before it starts!

Hi everyone Welcome to women’s magazines Today we will talk about cancer and causes of cancer if you find this video useful, please Share it with friends and family But not forgetting to subscribe for more videos Support us support women’s magazines and now listen carefully What a bummer who wants to hear about cancer I know for a fact that none of us do but Sadly the cancer is a reality which is struck even close to home for many Most of us have all know someone it was who as either died or has been diagnosed with some form of cancer Comparatively in other parts of a world such as Europe cancer rates are much lower The primary reason for this is lifestyle That said with all the conflicting reports out There is it possible for cancer to be prevented indeed it certainly can There are a number of Which contribute to the growth of cancer? Additionally there are various forms of cancer Some more aggressive than others with some forms being hereditary However, there are simple and effective ways in which each of us can prevent eliminate and destroy cancer cells These personal cancer treatments are simple natural and yet greatly effective here are some factors Which increase cancer growth? One cellphones Yes, your lovely smartphone can produce Counsel’s tumors and growths in your brain Not only does it microwave and cook our brains, but they can negatively affect our longevity The best thing you can do is use your cell phone hands-free and away from the body as much as possible To stress Stress does indeed kill being stressed day in and day out is not ideal in terms of disease prevention Find a consistent outlet like a fitness program running or hobby Three mood Depression and anger have been directly linked to disease and cancer growth if you tend to get worked up too easy Or if you have actually become depressed, then there are ways to control your moods This may include Reconnecting with a faith-based group fine meaning by helping someone who cannot pay you back Workout on a consistent basis get more sunshine to up your vitamin D.

Or take a vitamin D Supplement and change your environment by surrounding yourself with positive people Three diet Now this is the if not one of the biggest contributors to most cancer growth poor nutrition such as fast food fried foods processed foods foods high in refined sugars foods high animal fat use of chemically altered oils such as Vegetable oil and alcohol consumption are just some of the types of considered food items Which directly cause cancer cells to thrive in order to slow down? Prevent them to kill cancer cells you must make your body alkaline and not acidic This means to significantly up your fruits and veggies and eliminating or reducing foods of poor nutritional content Remember food turns to blood sell you one good strong blood not weak crackly sludge Five Lack of sleep sleep is often overlooked Which considering disease prevention by ensuring that you get a plus hours of sleep each night? Not only will your body have time to rejuvenate? But you will have produced enough white blood cells and have obtained enough oxygen in order to ward off disease The secret here is to hit the sack and fall asleep before 11 p.m.

If you fail to do this then your body will not produce the needed white blood cells to fight even the common cold Hence the reason why many of you soften catch colds Invest in your health Our North American Society has turned upside down how we treat disease we tend to treat diseases after they present themselves Rather than educating people on simple ways to prevent disease and illness before they occur The question is why do so many of us choose to suffer rather than doing what we can in order to prevent illness The reason for this is because there is a significant lack of education in society today Often even on his health and wellness professionals struggle to convince their clientele that simpler changes would benefit them most of us are controlled by our appetites and lusts but What is needed is education so that wiser lifestyle changes can be made and that our food? cravings can still be delicious yet nutritious You

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